We've got tips and weekly challenges to keep you pedalling to success throughout UK Wide Cycle Ride.

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Prize Draw to win a fantastic E-Bike

To celebrate our top fundraisers, we're giving everyone who's raised £300 or more by the end of the UK Wide Challenge fundraising period the chance to win a brand new Oxygen S-Cross CB MKII 13ah, kindly donated by Oxygen Bikes, worth £1,499.

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Prize Draw to win a Diabetes UK cycling jersey

You can be in with a chance of winning one of 50 Diabetes UK cycling jerseys. By raising £150 for Diabetes UK, through your UK Wide Cycling challenge, you will be entered into a prize draw to win one of 50 cycling jerseys. You have until the end of October to complete your fundraising and send any donations in to us.

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Meet your fellow cyclists

Looking for more tips? Join the UK Wide Cycle Ride Facebook group and pinch some of your fellow cyclist's preparation tips. Sharing is caring, so we know they won't mind.

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Pro-cyclist, Sam Brand's top tips for getting on your bike

Check your bike
Simple checks such as tyre pressure and tyre surface will help avoid dreaded punctures and improve comfort, both on the road and on the trainer. Before you ride off, make sure you have a repair kit on hand (innertube, tyre levers, pump/gas canisters) and your chain is well lubricated to avoid squeaking.

Bike position and fit
Firstly, make sure that you aren't reaching too far to the handlebars as this can hurt your lower back and impact your seating position. Secondly, adjust your seat height by sitting on your saddle and placing your heel on the pedal at the lowest part of the pedal stroke. There should be a small bend in your knee.

Safety on the bike
I train with rear and front lights and ALWAYS wear a helmet. You can also wear high-vis clothing and reflective items. We all share the road so be respectful and vigilant.

On a serious note, make sure you follow all rules and laws if you plan to cycling outdoors for your own safety and the safety of others. Read up on the rules of the road

Fuelling before the ride

Fuelling for the ride is vital – and also my favourite part. Porridge with seeds, nuts and fruit is my go-to breakfast on a race day as it has slow release energy. During my ride, I constantly graze on things like cereal bars, banana's or (my personal favourite) peanut butter panini's to keep my energy levels up.

Have a look at some of the healthy snack recipes on the Diabetes UK website and start your meal prep.
Find a recipe

Plan a route (or book class)

How far will you go on each ride and how many rides will you need to complete to achieve your distance goal? Then you can plan your route with an end destination and distance in mind and make sure you're properly fuelled for the ride. As you find your rhythm, try adding some hills on certain days and flat rides on other days to mix it up. Planning your route will also allow others to help with support and overall safety.

Stretching and post-cycle care

During a big stage race I will often use a foam roller to loosen some tight spots. If you don't have a foam roller handy, grab something like a tennis ball or a bottle of water to use instead. Staying on top of tight spots can really help to stop other issues.

You should be so proud of your dedication so far and with Sam's help, you can turn that dedication into action come 1 September. You're riding for research and changing lives across the UK by funding scientific breakthroughs – that's pretty impressive.

Challenge weekend 1: Super Saturday

Get on your bike, cycle as far as you can and log your miles on your page this Saturday. Your fellow cyclists will be out there doing the same thing, adding their distance to your distance in a giant virtual relay. So how far will you go as one big team in one day? Will you cycle the circumference of the UK or maybe even make it across Europe?

Challenge weekend 2: Climbing higher

This Saturday's challenge is all about pushing yourself just a little bit further. Climb the hill you've been avoiding, increase the resistance on your stationary bike or add extra time onto your favourite ride. It may be out of your comfort zone, but we know you'll feel amazing after. Log a ride on your UK Wide Cycle Ride page on Saturday to unlock your exclusive challenge badge.

Challenge weekend 3: Olympic Sprint

Go for gold! Strap in and cycle a total of 25 miles (40km) this Saturday, the Olympic triathlon distance bike ride, and become an Olympian for the day. As this is a long challenge, make sure you revisit Sam Brand's preparation guide for some handy hints.

Challenge weekend 4: Isle of Wight Challenge

Push yourself a bit further and virtually cycle 70 miles around the Isle of Wight. Can you cycle it in one go, maybe you will split it with a friend or will you break it down into a few rides across the weekend? Perhaps you'll see how quickly you can manage the distance?

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Want to take on the challenge?

1 to 30 September 2020

You cycle, in your own pace, at your own time.
Our work transforms lives.
Together we take on diabetes, one mile at a time. 

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